Immerse yourselves in the rich cultures of the world through the coffees delivered right to your mailbox, whenever you want.

Become a traveller

At Burlap, you get an avid team of coffee drinkers. We see coffee as an experience, rather than just a cuppa.

That’s why we describe our coffee in terms of experiences you’ll get in the cup, not just tasting notes. We are a coffee subscription delivering you as diverse an experience as we can possibly can, at a frequency you’re happy with.

We are committed to seasonality, traceability, and internationally recognised standards.

Different coffee bean origins have the best flavours in different seasons of the year - we work closely with our partners to ensure we only bring you coffee in its optimum state. So this means only fresh coffee with all its flavours kept inside, giving you the best experience you can get.


Why hire coffee? What other products have you hired for the same job?

The morning fatigue hits your staff at 9am. Tea will probably help the fatigue swing its punch harder. Chocolate just does not seem like the right drink. Juices finish too quickly. It has to be coffee.

And that is where we come in.

If you have an espresso machine in your office, no worries - all you need is a supply of espresso blends. If your office is completely unequipped - we rent out Nespresso machines free of charge, as long as you order a minimum of 10 tubes (each tube has 10 pods) of Nespresso compatible coffee pods from us per month. If that’s too much coffee (that’s ok, moderation is key), all we will do is charge a small rental fee for the Nespresso machine.